First Date Ideas and Places to go Dating in London

Published: 04th March 2010
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Dating in London doesn't have to be as hard as some make it out to be. With the many attractions and public events going on, there is definitely something for everybody in the capitol city. So, where are some great places to go on a first date? Here are some ideas.

The British Museum has exhibits from the prehistoric periods all the way up to modern times. These exhibits are from around the world and the British Museum houses some famous works like the Rosetta Stone and the Portland Vase. The best part is that this museum is free to the public. Browse around with your date and add a little class to your budding relationship.

If excitement is your thing, get to know your date a little better at The London Eye. This is the world's biggest observation wheel and gives guests incredible views of the London Skyline. You can see over fifty-five of London's famous landmarks in about thirty minutes.

A great idea for a first date would be to schmooze with some of the most famous people in history. Head over to Madame Tussaunds and go face-to-face with Britney Spears, Shakespeare and even the Queen herself. For a little bit of dark history, The Tower Of London could be an excellent venue to strike up conversation about the history of a nine hundred year old building of torture and execution.

Was your date late? Let them know it by taking them to Big Ben, London's famous clock tower. This building has been the home of British Parliament since before 1547. If you would like to just have a nice walk, take your date for a stride across London Bridge and take in the city over a nice conversation.

From the famous landmarks to the excellent restaurants, London is one of the best cities to date in. The dinner and a movie approach is the biggest cliché in the dating world. Mix things up a bit with a trip to a museum or a famous location. Dates aren't always about money. Usually a date that stays with somebody forever is one that has charm and a little mystery. The key to the first date is to keep it simple and unique. With whatever choices you make, you can definitely be sure that London will live up to your expectations. Always be safe and follow your instincts one dates.

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